Abbot Superior of the convent

Schearchimandrite George (Savva) 

Our Spiritual Councellor Right Reverend Schearchimandrite Georgiy (Savva), Father Superior of the Holy Spirit monastery for men deceased 18.06.2011 6:00 p.m.

On June 18, this 2011, this earthly life of the Orthodox Pastor, well-known all over Russia and far beyond it - Schearchimandrite George (Yury Yuryevich Savva) - the ecclesiastical Father, Teacher, Tutor, Physician of souls and bodies of many thousand Orthodox Christians, ceased.
Since the early childhood all his life has been devoted service to God, labors for raising of temples, help the sick and sufferers, cultivation of land and many other cares.
Father was born in believing family in the Trans-Carpathians on February 6, 1942. On finishing of school, he entered a novice in the Holy Preobrazhensky monastery of the village Tereblya of the Trans-Carpathian region, bore obedience in monasteries which were on the Carpathian land then. It was a hard time, time of the persecutions of the Church. When in 1961 the last male monastery was closed, Father had to leave for the Nikolaevsky region, and he served in the Soviet army from 1962 to 1965.
On December 19, 1968, he was given the monastic vows with name George in the honor of the great martyr St. George the Victorious by Archbishop the Irkutsk and the Chita Benjamin in the cathedral of Irkutsk. On December 19, 1971, in the day of remembrance of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker, in the Holy Ilyinsky cathedral of Arkhangelsk, he was ordained a celibate deacon by Bishop the Arkhangelsk and the Kholmogorsk Nikon, and the next day, on December 20, he was ordained a celibate priest. From December 1971 to July 1972, he served as a priest of the Kazan temple of Kirovsk of Murmansk region, from July 1972 to April 1979, he served as a dean of the Bogoyavlensky temple of the village Turovets of the Kotlas district of Arkhangelsk region, since April 1979, he served as a dean of the Preobrazhensky temple of the village Aikino of the Komi ASSR. In 1978, he finished Moscow ecclesiastical seminary.
In the north, the Large and important work has been done by Father for the glory of God, a temple was built, that was a great miracle in those days, for which he entirely had to experience the cruel persecutions with constant threats to life, but the Lord always protected Father.
On April 1, 1987, Father was raised to the order of archimandrite, and on October 15, 1987, with blessing of Bishop of Krasnodar and Kuban Diocese Isidor (Kirichenko), he was appointed dean of the Holy Voznesensky parish of Timashevsk. Since that time the dream of building a new temple, instead of a house of worship, and of founding a monastery was embodied. In June 1992, on representation of Lord Isidor and on decision of the Sacred Synod, Archimandrite George was appointed locum tenens of the Holy Spirit male monastery which was opened. Since that time all the Priest's strengths, all labors were given up to good-decorating and strengthening of the monastery.
Upon request of the girls which wished to devote their life to God in a monkish rank, Father petitioned for opening of a convent.
In 1994, the Holy Equal-Apostle Mary Magdalena convent was revived with carrying from the village Malinino to the village Rogovskaya of Timashevsk district, where, under the guidance of Father, a temple was built, a secondary farm was organized.
Almost 20 years the monastery developed, strengthened, extended, besides the principal branch of the monastery, it has 4 more ones: 2 of them are in the territory of the district - the Saint George branch of the monastery is in the farm Nekrasovo and one is near the village Dneprovskaya, 1 is in Apsheronsk district of the Mezmayskoye settlement and 1 is in the Mostovskoy district of the Andryukovskoye settlement. In each of them Archimandrite George organized construction of temples, other church buildings, a large secondary agriculture.
On June 8, 2011, with blessing of metropolitan the Kuban and the Ekaterinodar, in the presence of monks of the same monastery, Archimandrite George was given the monastic vows in the rank of the Great angelic image - the schema with name George in the honor of Reverend George the Iversky Afonsky by the decent Abbot of the Holy Spirit male monastery John (Konovalov), the name's day will be on July 10, on new style. From this day forward, Father is remembered as Schearchimandrite George.
Father's rewards: the Order of the Holy Equal-Apostle Prince Vladimir III degree was got on October 13, 1981, the Order of the Holy Equal-Apostle Prince Vladimir II degree was got on April 23, 2006, the Order of Reverend Seraphim the Sarovsky II degree was got on June 06, 2011, (but it has not been handed).
Father always said that rewards should be deserved in Heaven.
After a long serious disease, on June 18, 2011, at 6 p.m. 18 minutes, Father Schemarchimandrite George departed to the Lord.
Eternal-eternal-eternal memory to our Father who has devoted all his toilsome life to God and people!


Holy Spirit Monastery. 1 Druzhbi Str, Timashevsk, Krasnodar 352708.

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